Posted by: bwoof | November 28, 2014

Back at my PLog

Six years ago I started FalconPLog after having been inspired by two young women. It was a year committed to the archiving of at least one thing learned each day.

Then I quit…sort of.

You see, my family got a wee bit weary of my constant online attention distraction. They called me on it and I listened.

But today I’m rethinking things a bit. George Couros is the keynote speaker at a conference I’m attending. He’s encouraging all of us administrators to have a digital presence. I lurked around his blog and can see the value of what he’s talking about.

So…I’m going to start FalconPLog again, not because I’m fixated on meeting an unrealistic “365 plogs in a row” goal, but because I’m fascinated with how to be an authentic learner and have evidence to show to myself, perhaps others.

Thanks, George!

Grateful for:

  • A chance to have an all-expenses paid learning time-out in Toronto with learners/admins from all over the province. Lucky me!  I applied and appear to be the only HWDSB person here. Don’t know how that happened…and I won’t ask.

Curious about:

  • Tweet Deck. George says it’s a great way to funnel the best of the best into ‘feeds’ that then become an archive of his best professional learning. I’ll try it.

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