Posted by: bwoof | July 20, 2012

Jan Lisiecki – Canadian 17 yr old amazing pianist

I grew up with a rich backdrop of classical music in our family home. It was rare that I knew precisely the name of the composer, or the title of a piece, but the ambiance was certainly there…wishing now that I’d paid a bit more attention. It’s never to late to start, however, nor is it every too late to set up iTunes with special playlists and annotated notes for ongoing learning. And, that’s what I intend to do…become more and more aware of beautiful music and that speaks to the soul and reminds me of all things good.

Today Jian Gomeshi noted that next week he’ll interview Jan Lisiecki, the Canadian 17 year-old phenom piano player. OK, I admit…have never heard of this young man before, but clearly he’s quite something. A quick Youtube search pulls up countless examples of his inspiring talents and interpretations of the classics. Ah….such beauty.

Consider, for example, this rendition of at Lizt etude, expressed beautifully by Jan as a 14-year-old.  We are so blessed to have good music! The creative spirit awakens and is, in my case anyway, grateful for a Creator.

I want to learn more, listen more, love more.


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