Posted by: bwoof | July 11, 2012

Learning in advance of my movie retreat with L’Abri friends

I’ve been talking, thinking, and learning with some dear friends for about 9 years. We call ourselves the L’Abri group in honour of the model of community learning and living that Francis and Edith Schaeffer set up well over 50 years ago in a little Swiss Village called Huemoz. We visited there last year….a wonderful place, delightful ambiance, and something worth writing about later.

For now, I’m watching stacks of movies and am trying to prep for our retreat during which we intentionally watch movies together and then discuss them with purpose and focus.  Did I mention that these people are all very amazing…and interesting?

On my kitchen table, in a queue, are the following, and I’m interested in any feedback re what might be most appropriate. The movies must be worthy of discussion and must be suitable for a group viewing with folks across a spectrum of perspectives and sensitivities.  I’m the one who gets to select four movies (that’s about the most we can watch in a 2-day retreat at a Muskoka cottage setting where we also need time to eat, swim, relax, canoe etc), and I’m also the one who prepares learning/discussion guides. I love this learning!

In the past we’ve already watched, Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Big Kahuna, Little Miss Sunshine, Wit, Life is Beautiful, Contact, and a few others I now forget.


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