Posted by: bwoof | July 3, 2012

Summer Learning Part 1

It’s 2012 and summer is here! It started with a fun weekend trip to Quebec City where I learned about the oldest city (walled city!) in North America. I also learned about Laval University and the Explore program where J is now studying French for the next five weeks. Little did I know that Laval is also the site of one of N. America’s rare and still-standing elm tree collections. Amazing…to see that trees I once loved and knew a lot about are still alive despite the ravages of Dutch Elm disease.

In my Plog this summer I’ll document what I read, view, and discuss. Can’t wait to start.

As I write, my first learning is with Steve Hargadon and a Classroom 2.0 Dave Preston talk about business learnings in a California classroom.

First on the book list is Teen 2.0 by R Epstein (recommended by GS).

And first on the viewing list is, of course, the webinar described above along with a TED talk with Temple Grandin.


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