Posted by: bwoof | July 6, 2011

Learnings for today at EPDC…

~ online networking with other educators from the Netherlands.

~ Learn WITH the world, not just ABOUT the world

~ TEACHnology not TECHnology – showcase small successes both in school and with other schools. We have enough tech already, now use it and celebrate the successes slowly and with small successes.

~ Shift to LEARNING BY DOING which involves learning together–“Just try it and pick out the good stuff.”

~ Can you imagine a heart surgeon who does not go out and learn?  Similarly, what about educators who do not learn from others?

~ GlobalTeenager — connect teenangers, ie., long poem composed of twitter messages built from stduents around the world. How can I INCLUDE many voices.


~ Hero Culture and ‘working together is a conversation’


~ Best ideas from co-learners at today’s session:


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