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Tapscott podcast and Big Ideas… …

At iTunes there’s a podcast by Don Tapscott that I need to listen to (will look for the actual video). Here are my notes:

~ DT concludes that young people have no fear of technology because it’s like air to them…it’s just there….so they don’t think about it.  They are, instead, thinking about their friends or other things.

~ Great example of DT’s son literally looking at Mars via the Hubble telescope.

~ internet started out as a basic display for info, but this generation uses the technology for lots of other things. They want to collaborate and they want relationships…..but I have to wonder what kind of relationships?

~ they want speed….the metabolism of things has sped up, and DT asks if this is a bad thing? Is speed bad?

~ DT was raised in Orillia and used to go to the Ex to see this year’s innovation which at the time was glacial in speed, comparitively speaking.

~ is this hurting their brains? Does this hurt brain plasticity? note that all of us have this. What are the deep structures and synaptic connections?

~ DT notes that if there is balance in their lives then multitasking and other things can be OK. There is some evidence that imbalance is bad. Note that what we think is multi-tasking may not be that at all…maybe they have better switches and better active memory. Evidence suggests that exposure to these technologies may be pressing the net-gen brain past conventional understandings.

~ is this the dumbest generation? Go to to find examples of Mark Bearline gleefully finding examples of young people who don’t know basic facts. He depicts a negative view.

~ Generation Me …..little army of narcissists?  Is this the true depiction of this generation?

~ DT talks about the three big areas they are going into: Corporation, Consumers, Learning (and the model of pedagogy)

~ basic demographics show the baby boom….with a delay for about 12 years called Gen X, then the boomers start having babies again. Note: I could not see the graphics in the audio version, naturally. Canada has the biggest generation right now…some call them Gen Y, or millenials, but the ‘net-generation’ is probably the best title. They are bathed in bits. Time online is taken away from TV, not soccer, friends etc. They are not passive recipients of someone else’s video like their parents were. This generation thinks differently. Even TV has changed. Note differences in actual TV shows vs previous generations.

~ digital divide is something he talked about earlier in a book

~ kids and parents have less of a divide….generation lap….

~ funny story re teen who uses email to send a thank you card to someone’s parents

~ Taking it…..interesting group that I saw at NECC….this group has grown up interacting. “Choice is like oxygen”

~ They can change everything….they are the scrutinizers?  When I saw a picture it was just that…a picture, now kids ask lots of questions.

~ what about video games? WOW ….guy takes ppl on missions. 15 year old guild master who takes 35 year olds on activities.  Some ppl think that these games don’t invoke .   Almost list HR and issues that they work on….sounds very much like high level thinking

~ note that DT showed some charts….showing lots of great graduation with many kids doing great. The top third doing well, the middle third doing pretty good, but the bottom third dropping out. Note that this may be a difference of opinion from that of Ken Robinson.  Note that some people want to blame the internet for the bottom third, sort of like blaming a library for illiteracy.

~ DT may be asking us to think about the OTHER issues that affect education. I agree!!  DT notes that mental illness is present in some youth. Be careful to not confuse cause with symptoms…..just because there’s internet does not mean that it’s the cause of mental illness.

~ note that this generation does come back. There are, indeed, big changes in the family from the days of ‘father knows best’. Mom reported to dad, kids reported to mom. Now it’s a bit different. Are kids over-coddled? Or is it that they need to pay off debts…is this something that’s awful or is it just consistent with what goes on in the rest of the world? Depends on your perspective.

~ note that the old html website are eclipsed to XML .

~ told story about ‘community’ on Facebook…within 15 minutes he had 6 members, then very shortly 150 members in 7 countries….with kids writing back to note that DT has errors in the book….and how will DT contribute. This is called ‘self-organization”….no central committee. What used to take place over millenia, now takes place in minutes or a single Christmas day.

~ what about the fact that they don’t give a damn? Well, DT says that’s not true since many youth volunteer. Note that Harvard grads want to work for something that has meaning and worth. Interesting!!!

~ there is a dark side….but it’s not what all the people think it is….note that basic safety stuff needs to be there, and note that we do need balance….note that we apply perjorative things to kids who are online a lot. There is still a digital divide and that’s a problem for everyone. there is a digital firewall….these kids don’t want to work in cubicles….but we try to ban their tools such as facebook.

~ note also that kids are blowing the privacy things….

~ overall it’s a different generation that thinks differently.

~ note that there are things going on….a kid has put out there 2% of his future earnings in exchange for a chance to go to college.

~ two markets – one is a market for customers and one is a market for talent.  Initiate relationships on FB….get to them while they are young. Mike Dover….suggests that you bringin ppl on contract.

~ eight norms….customize job….freedom of choice and mobility…(work and learning should be the same activity…some blogging is required by some companies)…don’t ban Facebook….(if pple are wasting time it’s a management problem),…rethink retention…. Half of my ads are wasted, but I just don’t know which ad…Rethinking marketing and engage young people in their networks. Product, Place, Price, Promotion -= the Bible in traditional marketing, but DT says it’s wrong because Marketing now is about the experience, not the product. Place can be anywhere. Price can be movable. Coinnovate vs promote your own ideas.  Key idea = Doritos superbowl ads contest- go to youtube. Power shifts towards consumers. Brands are becoming more complicated…and you need good values/integrity. CADEB/s of marketing = new tend

~Don’t focus on your customers, engage them.  Don’t sell products and services, create customer experiences. Radically reduce your broadcast efforts and rethink.  Have integrity as part of your DNA.

~ These kids are changing learning! The model of learning has been around for a long time….lecture. Drill and Kill. Sage on the stage. Lecture = notes of the lecturer go to the notes of the learner without going through the brains of either one.  Irony is that DT is giving a lecture right now.

~ DT has minimal objectives…..we were broadcast to….

~ This is not about technology…it’s about a change in the rel btwn student and teacher…change in the way that knowledge is acquired.

~ disturbing story ahead….will cause us to think….that’s his main goal.  DT spent a lunch with lots of Deans of universities etc. who wanted to position themselves to be the 21st c learning place. Move from teaching to discovery.  A 22 man said he doesnt’ read books…if I need to know what’s in the book…and find the best chapter. And when I do read a book I don’t go from beginning to end…I try to absorb it that way. Is this the end of civilization or the beginning of a new trend. DT then interviewed the student….who gets straight As without reading books. ….amazing story of young man who set up a health care clinic….and global peace exchange….got info on the internet….his family died and he keeps his family together so he takes them on WOW misssions as a way of keeping the kids together. Next year he’s going to school in London and he’ll get health care….quoting Plato and Maslow….and doesn’t read books….taking a masters degree of philosophy at Oxford….got a rhodes scholar….and he doesn’t read books and he is as knowledge and is as deeply informed as any person DT has met in years.

~ What conclusions….??? It’s not about technology. Make learning fun. Lectures are too slow. Let them go to the experts. Reinvent yourself as a teacher/professor.

~ DT was at a cocktail party in Toronto….met a lady who said DT changed her life. Math teacher….who doesn’t give lectures anymore….and she now knows more about every kid in a month than she did in years and years of teaching….and the kids are learning better.

~ Why do we resist….fear gets in the way….at home it gets into the way of love, like porn which gets in the way of love. Don’t do silly things like telling them to put computer in a public place….don’t block, but talk about the real issues.  We fear what we don’t understand.  Leaders of old paradigm

~ speech from guy at William and Mary…”When it comes to world, we/you sort of broke it.”

~ Bill Clinton says to create fewer terrorists….terrible problems exist….like how to get water. DT is enormously hopeful and optimistic…and try to create the conditions for these kids to have a future that is better than now.


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