Posted by: bwoof | July 4, 2011

Pre-Module musings…

In relation to technology and learning…

I need…

  • practical strategies to overcome mental health issues that are exacerbated online
  • practical ideas for how to lead in ‘new territory’, a land in which we do not yet fully realize the historic, sociological, and economic influence of technology

My staff needs…

  • practical examples and easy-to-do strategies that include digital learning practices in every day life in the classroom
  • increased awareness of how the speed of technology influences the teenage brain
  • increased potency in DI and how to leverage it with digital, sometimes digitally addicted, teens

My students need…

  • to find ways of being accepted in real time, biological time, not digital time
  • to become more wise and slower in reaction time
  • to be more discerning in what is true and false and what biases people bring to any conversation, including digital ones
  • more ways of being whole people….less distracted and more focussed. I’m afraid that they are addicted to the buzz of the twit…and not the beauty of eye-to-eye chats.

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