Posted by: bwoof | June 22, 2010

Fabulous First Fruits!

Today I could write about Banyan Community Services and how I learned what that agency does for kids in my city, or I could tell what I learned about how to find low-rent housing and then not have money left for food (and how to help a teen in such a situation), or I could explain the new things I learned about the competitive teaching market and the paucity of jobs for new grads.

Instead…I’d rather take a break from learning and just share a delight…the first raspberries and blackberries of the 2010 season are here in our backyard. Beautiful, incredible, and delicious, and oh so colourful when juxtaposed with the loveliest of green chives we had at dinner.

Grateful for:

Curious about:

  • strategic directions and how to lead a big organization

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