Posted by: bwoof | June 21, 2010

Reading in the 21st Century

I grew up loving to read….voraciously! Perhaps living in the country where life is as slow as a ripening raspberry lends itself the deep reading that Nicholas Carr laments is disappearing in his new book The Shallows.

Clay Shirky, one of my online personal learning network gurus, might say the exact opposite. One site says, ‘In Cognitive Surplus, Internet guru Clay Shirky forecasts the thrilling changes we will all enjoy as new digital technology puts our untapped resources of talent and goodwill to use at last.”

I’m learning more and more that the world is changing and that we can approach it with a spirit of fear and scarcity, or wonder and abundance. But….I confess that my ‘deep’ reading is diminishing and I’m a little too skitterish in my thoughts than I’d like to be. The key is balance and how to find it.

I know for sure, however, that being like the octupus in picture below might be a bit much. But for a good read, take a peek at the New Yorker article in which the cartoon is published.

Grateful for:

  • trusted colleagues
  • teachers who are willing to tangle with the hard issues and fight for what’s good for kids and morally wise at the same time
  • our backyard park…complete with raspberry (hence the reference above) bushes that released the first two berries of the 2010 season!
  • learning mavens, especially the one who keeps leaving great book tips all over the place.

Curious about:

  • staffing


  1. you’re so great you know that? Like just the best.
    I hope you know that and that others tell you that also, because you are one incredible person with a heart of gold and a love for others. I am amazed daily. xoxo

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