Posted by: bwoof | June 19, 2010

Serbia and Germany and the World Cup

Two things come to mind today….

#1 The World Cup, that every-four-years-event, brings out the most deeply felt sentiments of country identity. Even if you don’t watch soccer, you’d be hard pressed to avoid the many flags and honking horns, and t-shirts emblazoned with colours of the planet.

#2 Germany and Serbia are fierce competitors on the soccer field, but they also are competitors in history, or so I’ve been told by the kids at school.  Furthermore, Albania has a prior connection to Germany, therefore a historical conflict with Serbia. Clear as mud?  And when you put all of this energy into one place at 8 a.m. on a Friday morning when exams are meant to start at 9 a.m., well, you can maybe imagine the ‘energy.’ Take a peek and notice the three flags, Germany (Albania) to the left, Canada in the centre, and Serbia to the right. What  I cannot replicate is the sound of students cheering, or the abject despair when we shooed them away to their exams a the stroke of 9 a.m.

By the way, Serbia won, 1-0.

Grateful for:

  • an incredibly beautiful day, again!

Curious about:

  • How will K. adapt how that her mom is gone

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