Posted by: bwoof | June 2, 2010

Cognitive Coaching

Well, you learn something new every day if you look, and sometimes you don’t have to look far.

Today I was at a meeting and heard about Cognitive Coaching as it pertains to education.

The website seen at the right says this:

Cognitive CoachingSM is based on the following four major propositions:

  1. Thought and perception produce all behavior.
  2. Teaching is constant decision-making.
  3. To learn something new requires engagement and alteration in thought.
  4. Humans continue to grow cognitively.

And a bit more info goes like this:

The main tools of Cognitive CoachingSM are: rapport, mediative questioning, response behaviors, pacing and leading. The training focuses on learning these tools and using them with the maps. A major focus of the training is trust and rapport.

Grateful for:

  • a wonderful Art Gallery venue for our IB meeting
  • veggie tray leftovers!
  • peregrine chick banding day photos online….looking great even though Madame X was very mad that the mountain climber was in her nest and was snatching away her babies

Curious about:

  • how to learn cognitive coaching and then apply it
  • our boys soccer team at OFSSA!! Go Bears Go!

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