Posted by: bwoof | June 1, 2010

More about peregrines and their names…

It’s tradition that the Hamilton Peregrine falcons are named after something related to Hamilton’s history. This year is no exception and I’ve learned a little bit about the history of Hamilton’s hospitals.

The chicks are Chedoke, Peter, Henderson, and Joseph, all names of our local health care facilites, each of which has a unique history. For example, back at the turn of the century when tuberculosis was raging through the country, Chedoke Sanitorium was built to handle the crushing impact of the disease. Later, when modern day medicine created drugs to fight TB, the location was turned into a more traditional hospital with full services.

Hamilton is a really interesting city. Come and visit, and if you do, then come see the peregrines live and in real time. Bring binoculars and a healthy dose of curiosity and patience and you’ll be rewarded with quite a show.

Grateful for:

  • opportunities for staff to receive great training, especially in IB
  • an anonymous alumni donor who remembers what it’s like to want to go to the prom but can’t due to lack of funds…and who has now provided the money for someone to go this year
  • the moutain climber guy who rappeled down the wall of the Sheraton into the nest ledge, and who then put the chicks into the container that you see to the left.

Curious about:

  • how do EQAO scores work…and why do they surprise?
  • how to improve literacy and numeracy authentically

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