Posted by: bwoof | May 20, 2010

Frontotemporal Dementia

I’ve alluded to this before, but I’m still learning lots every day about dementia, the frontotemporal version to be specific.

One of the sites I googled has this to say:

Frontotemporal dementia affects the front part of the brain known as the frontal lobes. This is the part of the brain that regulates insight, reasoning and comportment. Comportment is the term used to describe social behaviour, insight and appropriateness in social situations. A person with normal comportment would have the insight to recognize what behaviour is appropriate in a given social situation.

Oh….never was a truer word said. Indeed, this week I could have written the textbook. But, all’s well that ends well and I’m happy to report that the senior I know is now safely reunited with the valuable diamond ring which she had ‘traded’ for her new best friend’s shiny but seriously costume jewellery quality ring.

After several phone calls, detective work, and hilarious conversations with a woman who is the daughter of the aforementioned BBF, we have determined that dementia is alive and well in Ontario and that our lives more resemble looking after little ones at the play park than adults in normal social settings. We joked that we’ll have to set up a play date sometime.

So, the learning continues and all is well.

Grateful for:

  • that wonderfully honest daughter who graciously returned the diamonds in exchange for her own mother’s cut glass…she could have just kept the real thing and run off with the goods, but she didn’t
  • 1/2 price wing night

Curious about:

  • math class trips to Macdonalds

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