Posted by: bwoof | May 18, 2010


I was talking with a teacher today whose passion is equity for all. She helped me today recall the genocide in Rwanda from 1994 when there were approximately 100 days of abject horror. I’ve never really taken time to think about what happened there, but this evening a bit of googling and pondering led me to this information at the BBC. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’m so ignorant and un-informed.

Grateful for:

  • family dinner with our Israelis travellers who have recently returned home
  • the thrill of watching the New York trip kids get so excited when they saw their bus turn the corner and come to school….they are so pumped for a great time
  • all the black and pink t-shirts at school today which advertise tonight’s Grease opener.

Curious about:

  • LOST and how it will spin itself tonight
  • where W and J are sleeping tonight….did they find a place and where is it?

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