Posted by: bwoof | May 8, 2010

Sin, cosine, and a bunch of other mathie things…

Yesterday I visited a math classroom and learned almost as much as I did in my entire highschool career. The students practiced graphing all sorts of equations and then compressed or stretched or moved them to other points. When the teacher uses the Smartboard to show all the different graphs in different colours it all makes sense.

Grateful for:

  • teachers who love learning new things!
  • a rich heritage that gives stability and grounding in the middle of mayhem
  • wisteria, even though mine is not yet blooming and never has
  • the Hamilton Peregrine chicks which are now hatching!!! Yea! I love this time of year!

Curious about:

  • wisteria…how can I please make it bloom?
  • Mother’s Day weather…will it be nice enough for an RBG visit? I think not.  😦
  • Julie’s talk at church tomorrow

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