Posted by: bwoof | May 5, 2010


There are times when it’s easy to make quick assessments of people and then inadvertently label them. Sometimes those ‘blink’ decisions are correct, and sometimes they are not. And sometimes we don’t know which way the truth will land or even if it will land.

That’s the backdrop in which I find it now helpful to learn more about Roma people, a group with increasing presence in Hamilton. It would be nice to plog about the things I’ve learned so far, but honestly, all I’ve learned is that I know nothing, almost nothing.  But Vincent Van Gogh seemed to know about them and painted this picture back in 1888.

Grateful for:

  • RBG and the tulips, lilacs, and gracious expanse of beautiful grounds
  • chinese food
  • rain for the dry ground
  • great stories from Israel and the travellers

Curious about:

  • community supports for roma newcomers
  • Julie’s upcoming Mother’s Day talk and photo show

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