Posted by: bwoof | May 4, 2010

I confess…I don’t like them at all!

Yikes  With the nice weather all the little creatures have come out to play…and I don’t like them. Especially when they come into the garage and try to nest and make babies.  Ick!!

But I did it…all by myself…with the help of gloves and many plastic bags and lots of cringing. Indeed, I got rid of the pesky mouse or mole or vole or whatever it was. Gone! Gone!  Gone!  There is no new learning in that but it made it to the plog anyway.

New learning tonight includes reading about and then trying to locate in the night sky the Virgo Galaxies. Unfortunately, there’s too much light pollution and the binos are not able to pick out what the picture below tells me should be there. I can find the general region, just west of the bright star Arcturus, and north of Spica, but the actual galaxies are illusive.

Grateful for:

  • great news from the Israeli travellers
  • Laura’s nursing conference

Curious about:

  • how to get better than 65% timetabling success and no scheduling conflicts for students
  • why are there still so many questions on LOST?

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