Posted by: bwoof | May 3, 2010

How to stop an under-the-sea oil leak

Today’s news brings only heightened anxiety about that big oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. As I write, the winds are bringing a big slick closer and closer to shore and the well-being of millions of people and animals. They say that it could be bigger than the Exxon Valdez or Katrina.

I wondered how the engineers would ever manage to stop that leak.

But today I learned that they are hopeful. They’ve built big cone-line structures and plan to tune them upside down and lower them over top of the leak. Heavy things (concrete perhaps) will supposedly hold the cones in place. Then, when the oil leaks it will be channeled, more or less, up the cone and into a place where waiting ships could possibly catch it and take it away.

Two things…I hope this plan works, and I can’t imagine it working. It sounds incredibly far-fetched, but in this case people are desperate.

Grateful for:

  • Grandma care looked after for today and tomorrow
  • yummy leftovers

Curious about:

  • why some people are blaming the Obama administration for the oil leak disaster. It seems to me that people just want to blame someone, anyone!

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