Posted by: bwoof | May 2, 2010

Anencephaly and “Precious”

Divergent thoughts….

First, a baby with anencephaly and a friend who is the grandmother of this precious new life.  Whew…so much to bear.

Second, the movie “Precious” and the overwhelming sense that I know this story, that I’ve met many teens with similar realities. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s raw but real.

Third, the pacifism series that Bruxey is working through…worthy of  significant debate.

Finally, a conversation with a well-meaning person, a former educator in fact,  who ‘thinks’ he knows what teens need….discipline and punishment. I’m not so sure. But I am sure that they need something. And, I think it’s love and belonging, and relationship  more than rules.  Rebellion will happen if there’s no relationship.

Grateful for:

  • my own family…parents, husband, kids, extended family members
  • HOPE
  • Drummond House and Deb

Curious about:

how to answer a friend’s question when she asks what a 57-year-old woman can or should do now that her self-employed husband can no longer work

how to reconcile the shortage of teacher jobs with the current debate about retirees…what’s an appropriate position on this since I can see both side?


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