Posted by: bwoof | April 28, 2010

Venus the Evening Star

I’ve long been a lover of the evening sky. It could have started with my grandfather and his telescope, or perhaps my dad and his night-time stories under a starry sky, or perhaps it was Birch, that older wise woman from Camp Mini-Yo-We who would take us campers out for dark wonders and fanciful tales of gods and goddesses running across the heavens.

Regardless…I always look up…and I always wonder.

Tonight is no exception and there’s a really bright object in the west. I presumed it to be Venus which sometimes shines as the Morning Star, but can also double as the Evening Star at certain times.

So, I googled Venus and learned that I am, indeed, right. In fact, Venus will not only shine bright for a wee bit more tonight (she’ll set by 10 p.m.)  but she’ll also be in grand lady form until September. What a show!

Grateful for:

  • the Salvation Army day program for seniors…what a blessing and relief

    Curious about:

    • why do some people seem to attract conflict?
    • what other planets can I see tonight?

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