Posted by: bwoof | April 26, 2010

Wild Weed

If students were to look at today’s title many of them would read on expecting to hear about ‘weed’, the stuff you smoke, the stuff that makes you happy to skip class and have a little high.

However, when I think of wild weed, I’m thinking of that pesky thing that is presently growing in the nest ledge for the Hamilton Peregrines.

One would think it’s got to be easy to pluck the offending thing, but not so! Today I learned that the weed will be in the nest, 18 floors above King Street, until banding day, sometime around the beginning of June. That means we’ll have an obscured view when the chicks start to hatch. Boo hoo!

In this picture you can see Surge looking at the weed, and then beyond is Madame X sitting on her clutch of four eggs. No doubt they are wondering how that thing got there.

Grateful for:

  • a day off site to plan and tinker in Excel
  • Grandma’s call from Moira which brought some joy and a wedding announcement

Curious about:

  • how HR works

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