Posted by: bwoof | April 24, 2010

Waterfall inaugural

Today I learned that hard work and creativity pays off. Wes is almost finished the waterfall and it’s quite amazing and he ran it for the first time tonight. Once it’s all landscaped you’ll never guess that there are  liners underneath (which you can see here) along with a clever system of engineered crates that let water collect beneath the rocks

We also learned that you need to get some spray foam that will fill in the cracks between the rocks so that the water flows forward, not backward into little crevices and then leaks into places that you don’t want it.

In a short while this waterfall will belong to the 100+ that already grace the Hamilton/Ancaster region. Hmmm…..I wonder if ‘Ancaster Falls’ will get listed on the official website for the Hamilton area? It’s definitely a highlight and it sounds like we’re up north on a canoe trip or something like that.

Grateful for:

  • learning timetabling…but admittedly not so grateful for all the many hours it takes
  • the Boyz Bash at which I volunteered today. It’s great to see so many dads and sons swimming, building train models and devouring the pizza and other boy type goodies.
  • a very creative and energetic waterfalls engineer/imagineer

Curious about:

  • what to do with a dementia senior citizen who is starting to show signs of wandering a bit….and taking the dog out with her! Yikes! Hopefully he won’t run away, but then again his girlfriend lives two doors over and she’s quite a distraction

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