Posted by: bwoof | April 23, 2010

Youth street culture and gangs…

Living Rock hosted a terrific conference today which was most informative, practical, and inspirational all at the same time. Here’s a brief listing of things I learned:

Astwood Criminal and Social Justice Strategists forms an incredible Canadian-based group of people who know youth culture. Pay attention to Michael C. Chettleburgh and team.

Why Try is an organization that seems to have excellent resources for helping teams make goals, dream dreams, and overcome obstacles…and in turn, that is supposed to reduce the potential for gang affiliation. We will probably buy into the program sometime soon.

Letters to a Street Child is a painful revealing look at a true story filmed by the main character herself, a story about how a young girl fell into street life and drugs and abject hopelessness. I won a copy of the DVD and will use it at school. Be sure to learn more about Andree Cazabon.

Rachel’s Challenge continues to inspire thousands. Rachel Scott was the first individual to be shot and killed in the Columbine tragedy. Her father was a keynote speaker today…and he was incredible on every count.

Grateful for:

  • All the Living Rock folks and the nice gov’t grant that funds the GPS project
  • great extended family dinner

Curious about:

  1. how the Why Try program works best in a high school

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