Posted by: bwoof | April 21, 2010

Salvation Army, DARTS, and the seniors program

I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s an entire world out there that I never before thought of, or even cared about.

Now that I’m a caregiver for a senior citizen with dementia, wonderful services such as the Salvation Army’s Senior Citizen Day Program are a lifeline of hope and practical help .The same is true for DARTS, the local bus service with special accommodations for people like my happy traveller.

And, the recreation leaders at the program must be angels, creative ones at that! Everyday I hear cool stories about what the ‘mature’ people did at their class.  It sounds fun, friendly, and fulfilling. How can I sign up? 🙂

Grateful for:

  • the new program at the new SallyAnne location in town
  • big meal-sized wonderful salads
  • the cameras at school who ‘caught’ someone taking possession that were not theirs.

Curious about:

  • wandering, under-parented boys

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