Posted by: bwoof | April 18, 2010


There is a phenomena happening in North America that is radically changing what church looks like. Big networks of affilicated groups are calling themselves ‘church’ and you don’t have to go far to see that it’s changing the Ontario church scene, for sure. In most cases people show up at movie theatres or other fairly public places, and not necessarily on Sunday, and most certainly in comfy clothes like jeans and t-shirts.

For example, there’s Harvest in Oakville, Barrie, London, York and Durham regions,  a sub-set of James’ Macdonald’s church at a Chicago hub.

Then there’s Connexion, founded out of Atlanta and with its first couple of sites in Barrie and Orillia.

And then, of course, there’s The Meeting House with theatre sites in Oakville, Hamilton (both east and west), Toronto (several), Brampton, K-W, Ottawa, Parry Sound etc.  I’ve been a few times in person, but usually check the online version once a week. Today was no exception and there’s a newly launched series related to non-violence and ‘turn the other cheek’ thinking.  Bruxey was today’s speaker and his talk shakes the tree a bit.

And, I had to wonder….what would happen IF people truly loved their enemies and simply didn’t ‘need’ to get back and seek retribution. Seriously, what would that look like, especially at school?

Grateful for:

  • K’s great week in Ontario
  • Shannon and Aly and hotdog lunches

Curious about:

  • hoarding and senior citizens

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