Posted by: bwoof | April 15, 2010

Special Education

People on the outside might not notice, but from the inside of a school you can’t help but notice the incredible amount of time and resources invested in ALL students, particularly those with unique or challenging learning needs.

Today, for example, I spent over an hour and a half with three highly qualified educators who specialize in appropriation of people resources (among other supports for kids) in schools. Name by name, line by line, individual learners were considered carefully, thoughtfully, and respectfully. It’s a new process and almost exhausting process we have, but in the end it will help all of us better help all of our students.

I learned today that it’s hard but fulfilling work to a) believe in what’s right and b) do what’s right.

Grateful for:

  • courage in a teen who resisted a bully
  • the charity basketball game which raised cash for kids at another school who both need and want to go on a trip

Curious about:

  • how the new waterfall in our yard will turn out after all is said and done

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