Posted by: bwoof | April 7, 2010

Bits of new learning….

Sometimes the new learnings come in little tidbits. Here are a few from today:

~ CAS, LEAP and OW social services payments will get clawed back if the aggregate of the $$$ goes over a certain threshold, even if the teens who need help may go hungry

~ teens who are shoulder-tapped for leadership (even if they’ve been ‘bad’ previously) will act like leaders

~ tracking sheets, as onerous and painful as they are, can sometimes put structure into a day that then sparks excellence

~ teen boys, to my surprise, use just as much hair products as girls (and if it’s raining outside they get anxious about their hair falling flat, or curling too much, or not sticking up in the right places….they will even ask to borrow the VP’s umbrella!)

~ teens are nervous about tomorrow’s province-wide literacy test (to see if you, too, would be nervous, check out a sample test)

Grateful for:

  • a glimmer of hope for a few families
  • food vouchers donated by some kind staff
  • my new Creole/French/English beginner’s dictionary which is very much needed

Curious about:

  • will our literacy scores go up…fingers crossed!
  • even better…will our students improve their skills and love learning?

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