Posted by: bwoof | April 2, 2010

City of Waterfalls

It’s said that Hamilton has more waterfalls than any other city–41 100+ falls to be exact to be imprecise. (As you may have noticed, I’ve had to edit this plog entry since first starting it…a bit more research reveals that there are more than I’d first imagined.) I don’t know if this stat is true or not, but I do know that today we saw two falls and have decided to make it a 2010 adventure to ‘collect’ the other 39 how ever many there are.

Today I learned that Tews Falls is almost as high as Niagara Falls which, natually, makes sense since it’s a drop over the edge of the escarpment, the same edge of the ridge over which Lake Erie empties into Lake Ontario.

I also learned that Websters Falls is probably the most popular place in all of the Hamilton region. We went there today and had to be very creative in finding a parking spot, and then, much to our surprise, hundreds of picnic parties and hikers and visitors were all there at the same time. We’ve never seen it like that before, but then again, we’ve never had warm weather like this so early in April.

Finally, today I learned that Spring is about three weeks ahead of schedule. Usually our magnolia blossoms in or around April 27. However, the blossoms are ready to burst out of their pods and within 24 hours will, I predict, be in full glory. The forsythia are out, and the tulips are getting taller by the minute it seems.

Grateful for:

  • friends and hikes
  • the Niagara Escarpment and my lifetime of memories on the Bruce Trail
  • A wonderful Good Friday service with live eadings, music, and drama…thanks to Marv, the worship team, Karin, and all the actors

Curious about:

  • why is it so warm? Should we be concerned?

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