Posted by: bwoof | April 1, 2010

How to leave…

For various reasons I’m inclined to wonder about gangs and how one should, could, or would leave such a group.

So, I’ve been asking questions of people in the know, will attend a Living Rock workshop in April, and have been reading anything I can find on the subject. Without a doubt, everyone agrees that leaving a gang is close to impossible without some intervention or, shall we say, miracle. That’s too bad and very sad.

Here are some of the things I’ve read:

Newsweek article titled The Draw of Dead Town

Inventing Elliot, an excellent novel ideal for learners of all ages, but with high-interest/low-risk for teens in Gr 9 and 10, a book which asks tough questions and provides authentic options

How Street Gangs Work, an informative read from one of my fav sites, How Stuff Works

National Gang Center FAQ

Grateful for:

  • a LONG weekend and Easter celebrations
  • a clean desk and lots of little tasks completed
  • the excitement of two peregrine eggs (so far!) at the Hamilton nest site

Curious about:

  • timetabling
  • John Mayor concert in Vancouver and whether or not J will call us in live time

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