Posted by: bwoof | March 31, 2010

More about music and “The Soloist”

I love to learn from TED, a collection of great speakers and features that are long enough to engage my interest and stir up curiosity, and short enough to manage in the midst of very busy days.

Today I browsed a couple of clips (one about slavery around the world and one about why it’s important to have theatre) and then found one, quite serendipitously, a reflection about the cellist whom I mentioned yesterday. It’s worth a listen. You’ll hear the speaker, Robert Gupta both speak and play. Beautiful and inspiring.

And if that’s not enough, I also just now learned what a theremin is…and rather than say it in words, just take a peek at this rather interesting instrument that you play without ever touching it. Amazing!

Grateful for:

  • clear direction and a new Strategic Plan in the district
  • grandmothers who care about their teen grandkids

Curious about:

  • TEDex…an upcoming event in Ancaster where pundits will each take 5 minutes to share their expertise in something,almost like a pecha kucha

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