Posted by: bwoof | March 28, 2010

Back in the land of internet!

It’s been a delightful weekend at Shalom by the Lake, a wonderful retreat centre near Haliburton. The respite from technology and all things civilized (well, actually, it was quite civilized but in the rustic sort of way) has been good for the soul. Everyone should take a break sometime and that’s what I did. Just what the doctor ordered.

I learned that internet does not work up there, hence the quietness on the plog. I also learned what people can do with a little bit of vision and investment in things that matter. Many years ago a couple (whom I did not meet but who were apparently there in their lovely stone house) sold a piece of property which unexpectedly went for twice what they’d planned on. So, they took that money and decided to invest it not in themselves, but in something for others.

They searched and searched and eventually bought a beautiful 300′ sandy beach waterfront piece of land on Halls Lake. Over time they built a few little family cabins, a retreat centre (with bunkie rooms, kitchen, meeting areas etc), and a couple of playparks and picnic areas for kids. They now offer this sanctuary of quietness and peaceful at very (!!!) reasonable prices so that families can afford to take their kids there. Honestly, it’s a lovely place and I was blessed by these folks’ long-term planning and commitment which now has exponential impact on others.

Grateful for:

  • four workshops/talks all done and finished with great joy
  • lots of interesting and worthwhile discussions with all the new friends I made
  • safe journeys, even in the pouring rain
  • lots of support from my family both here and in BC

Curious about:

  • features of the new computer and Windows 7
  • Easter coming soon and the extended time off to reflect

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