Posted by: bwoof | March 25, 2010

Science education

Yesterday’s Toronto Star carried a story titled “White House taps UBC prof”, a story about a Carl Wieman, science educator. I’d never heard of him before today but like what he has to say…

His primary advice is to stop the droning, get the students talking, guessing, arguing and remember that short-term memory can only process four ideas at a time.

He said, “I can’t imagine a three-hour lecture, personally, but getting students to flex their brains during class rather than just sit there passively is exactly what we want to see.”

I agree!

Grateful for:

  • multi-lingual teachers who can help with translations during multi-language conflicts
  • many parents and students coming for a visit today

Curious about:

  • Shalom by the Bay
  • March Madness…my bracket is suffering.  😦

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