Posted by: bwoof | March 22, 2010

Firefox and YouTube download button

Sometimes the best learning happens when you are pressed for time, stressed to the max because you’ve got a great idea and simply MUST learn to do something in order to execute the plan. That’s me to a T today.

I wanted to collect three videos, all on the same topic but from differing views. I’ve wrestled with YouTube captures before, but tonight I learned it’s much easier to install the FVD tool on your Firefox toolbar, then you go to YouTube, watch whatever it is that you want, and then just click the FVD button. Presto, it downloads the movie to a location of your choice. Whew! Easy!

Grateful for:

  • the Salvation Army and their new day program for seniors…they do fun things (for six whole hours a day!!!) and make my senior citizen very happy to get up and get going. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Google which is such a good fingertip library
  • teachers who notice kids in distress and make a terrific effort to connect, accept, coach, console, and encourage

Curious about:

  • will I have enough time this week to get everything done?
  • Windows 7 and how it compares to Vista and XP

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