Posted by: bwoof | March 21, 2010

Catch-up on the learning

OK…life is getting back to order, sort of!

But it was a bad week for plogging, but in no way does that equate not learning. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite and it will be impossible to recount all the lessons.

So, for now, I’ll backtrack and remind myself that a Rupert is a fake (stuffed like a scarecrow) paratrooper that the Allies would drop out of the sky onto German territory, making it seem that there were a lot more military reinforcements en route than actually existed. Clever.

Not only did they send fake soldiers, but they built fake tanks and guns which, when observed from a distance, would intimidate an enemy into thinking they were seriously outnumbered. Cardboard, stretchy fabric, and a few cans of paint can make almost anything look like a vicious tank.

And then there’s the whole dazzling story about ships at sea and how they would be painted odd colours in angular shapes (dazzle), apparently for the purpose of tricking an enemy into not know exactly where the ship was headed or even how many ships there would be in a given area.

During one of the World Wars, can’t remember which one, submarines became a threat to all naval vessels. Camouflaging ships was ineffective, so they tried something else. The ships were painted in bright colours with strange geometric patterns. The idea was that this would make it more difficult for the submarine to determine the heading of their prey from a distance — and it worked!

Grateful for:

  • a bit of time to catch up on the learnings from the museums we visited earlier this week
  • our Costco lunch rendezvous friends
  • a wonderful March Break….refreshing

Curious about:

  • teens and mood disorders
  • senior citizens and dementia….and boredom all at the same time; how to create fun activities for someone who can’t create them on her own


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