Posted by: bwoof | March 16, 2010

IPhone won’t let me post, but I’m learning anyway. :)

I’ve had iPhone access only for a few days, and after today, well, it’s going to stay that way for a long time.

Why, you ask?

Well, today we were robbed!  Yes indeed! That only happens to other people right? Well, not so. Further, we now believe it was a professional set up!

My learning for today? If in a public place, particularly a tourist destination, do not for a moment believe a friendly man who approaches you and kindly points you in the direction of the touristy spot. No indeed…be suspicious to the max and listen to your inner radar which will beep ever so slightly and tell you that something is not right.

Listen to that beep…and then swiftly go back to your car and make sure that the ‘friendly’ man’s buddies are not systematically cleaning out all your belongings! Or else, you’ll get to learn my next big lesson for the day…how to call the police, make a claim with your insurance agent, waste a whole lot of time, and then have to spend even more time trying to purchase the bare necessities required when all you have are the clothes on your back…and thankfully, wallets etc.

But, it’s a drag without a toothbrush or underwear, or a computer, or ALL the notes you’d make for the weekend talks coming up. Indeed, it’s a drag.

But, there’s a reason for these things and I’m prompted to remember that those weekend talks coming up are all about faith…and I’m called to live that way, even when ocular sight makes the day seem pretty trashy.

Grateful for:

  • many important papers are still with us! It could have been worse
  • we enjoyed Montreal and the sunny day
  • had safety on the roads
  • found the eyeglasses even though we originally thought they, too, were stolen

Curious about:

  • how does a criminal mind work? Clearly we are too trusting.
  • WHO was so needy enough to steal
  • WHY?

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