Posted by: bwoof | March 13, 2010


ALPHA can mean several things…

…the first letter of the Greek alphabet

…the name of a program offered in many churches of many different denominations that helps people discover a faith-based approach to life

…the name of a new program coming to my district that helps English Language Learners get additional support when they first come to Canada. In this case, ALPHA stands for Accelerated Literacy Program Hamilton Area and it’s something I started learning about yesterday

Grateful for:

  • 20 years with Jonny! Happy Birthday!
  • time with family, especially those who are here from BC. YEA!!!
  • having time to tidy up some important kid things at school
  • a safe drive home from KW in a windy blustery rainy snowy mess

Curious about:

  • teen nutrition and how to make healthy things seem worth the effort
  • Daylight Savings Time and the history behind moving it earlier and earlier, not that I’m complaining or anything, but it’s tonight and we’re not even into Spring yet

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