Posted by: bwoof | March 11, 2010

Supports for teens (March 10, a late post)

Every day I hear stories.

And every day we look for resources to support the people in the stories.

And every night I ponder what happened and  if I did enough to help change the predicted, sometimes awful, outcomes of the stories.

And often the ‘resources’ we’re looking for have to do with finding a SOAP (Significant Other Adult Person) who can walk alongside a teen.

Or maybe it’s a doctor with quiet discretion who will start pre-natal care.

Or maybe it’s a counsellor who can encourage kids out of addictions and into more self-control and hope.

Or maybe it’s a life coach skilled in how to exit gangs and find a new place to live.

Or maybe it’s a therapist able to provide parenting support and tips for entire families in conflict.

Or maybe it’s another teen, a peer leader who walks the walk, talks the talk, and knows how to just come alongside as a friend.

Regardless….I’m learning how to navigate the system and dial the right numbers, google the best web sites, and find specific things like bus passes, food vouchers, and TIME!

Yes, time is a precious commodity. You see, each story is usually a chapter in a longer novel.

Grateful for:

  • L and R and their safe arrival and West Jet for making it all happen again
  • timetabling lessons
  • March Break….almost here!!!!   🙂

Curious about:

  • ALPHA and ESL

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