Posted by: bwoof | March 7, 2010

Belief, Hope, Faith

I heard Brian Stiller speak today and he explained three common words in ways that I’d not previously heard.

It’s a helpful learning for today….

BELIEF is of the MIND and requires me to think clearly, deeply, and intelligently, with evidence to substantiate ideas rationally.

HOPE is of the HEART and draws me to dream and long for something better. It’s an attitude, a way of perceiving the world.

FAITH is of the WILL and compels me to choose right things based on belief rooted in hope even when things don’t make logical sense. To that extent it’s exactly the opposite of foolishness

Grateful for:

  • West Jet and safety for a traveller today
  • West Jet and L and R who will come this week
  • Walmart getting all those prints made in very short time

Curious about:

  • What were the designers thinking when they made some of those Academy Award dresses???? Take a peek at Zoe Saldana’s [Avatar] threads which were (in my opinion)  rightly described as:

She looked like half a tye-dyed mess in a layered purple haute couture abortion. The slit was too high and lost in a mess of ruffles…She was splendid from the waist up, but the further south you looked the more you had to cringe and mutter “poor thing” over and over. Whoever dressed Zoe should have their fashion cards pulled – all of them – and relegated to the bowels of the industry designing school uniforms for penance.



  1. true – but Sandra Bullock’s dress? – exquisite
    -love the definitions

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