Posted by: bwoof | March 5, 2010

Ontario Comprehension Assessment

Today I learned more about the Ontario Comprehension Assessment (OCA), a tool that our English Dept is using in all Gr 9 and 10 classes to determine the areas of most instructional need for our students, especially in reading.

Thankfully, we have money and resources for teacher release time and today I watched as some of our best educators drilled into student data from the OCA. As a result we are making excellent strides forward in trying to fine-tune instruction for the purpose of student success. 

More and more it’s evident that the Art of Education is also the Science of Education, and vis versa. Without excellent teachers who intuitively know what to do, and without the precision of statistical data collection and interpretation, not much can happen.

I love this tension, this delicate balance, this embracing of the extremes. It makes sense to me, especially when kids start to learn. Education is hard work, not just for student-learners but for teacher-learners as well.

Grateful for:

  • Steve’s bday and our family dinner tonight…what a blessing he is!
  • great chats with our kids
  • parents who support their teens even if those same teens do irresponsible things and have to endure consequences from the office
  • an encouraging SIP

Curious about:

  • teen depression and how to help
  • 14 year old boys and WHY they so often do totally illogical things…if this weren’t a public place I’d share some really cute and hilarious stories, tales from the VP’s office. Clearly, at that age the executive function of the brain is underdeveloped. Need I say more? 🙂
  • Sheena and her Uniform Project…she’s on day 309 and the end-of-the-year of her amazing one-dress project is almost in sight. Today’s outfit is shown here.  You may recall, if you’ve been at this plog for a while, that Sheena is my muse, my inspiration for Falconplog. If she can create a new outfit for every day of the year by wearing only one dress, then I can surely attempt to archive one learning a day by writing in one space.

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