Posted by: bwoof | March 4, 2010

Lee Valley fun

We went on a hunt for new kitchen cabinet hardware.

First, there was the requisite stop to the big box store. Impersonal but efficient. And the selection was mediocre.

Then we headed to Lee Valley for quite a different shopping experience. The choices are many and the service is personal and friendly. It feels like stepping back in time to shop at a place like that…and I like it!

So, what makes Lee Valley different? A quick browse to the company website reveals the secret. This family owned business thrives by three principles:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Integrity
  3. Treat customers like friends

And add to that a generous return policy and it looks like the making of a good business.

Grateful for:

  • no duty board!!!!!!!!
  • all our kids getting to have dinner together at K’s place, along with Luke and Ryan and who knows who else
  • J’s prep for LLC next fall
  • the Israel trip details pulling together for J and W
  • a great dental hygienist and Great-West Life

Curious about:

  • differentiated instruction and how it applies when kids are hungry and worried about their personal lives

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