Posted by: bwoof | March 3, 2010

O Canada

At the risk of seriously dating myself, I remember when the current Canadian flag first came to be. I ‘think’ it was Lester B Pearson who made it all happen, but then again, what does a four-year-old know?

We used to sing “God Save the Queen” in school, but then that changed to ‘O Canada’. Today I learned that some of the words,  ‘in all thy sons command’  for example, are going to be changed to something less gender-specific.

OK….I get it…we have to be politically correct, but in the interest of the common good, especially on the day of a Throne Speech, I have to wonder if our time can’t be spent on something a little more high-yield. People are in trouble, there’s a national deficit of gargantuan proportions, and lots of social issues to take care of. A word here or there, written in historical context from long ago are probably OK for now. In my humble opinion.

If you look to the right you’ll see the ‘wordle’ from the throne speech….and you’ll see that the BIG themes of our current political situation have little to do with small words in the anthem.

Grateful for:

  • our board leaders who ran a great meeting today with lots of information and constructive dialogue
  • Cherylene’s story and reminder about forgiveness

Curious about:

  • landing back at school after three days away at IB and meetings
  • what’s are the best things to see in Ottawa and Montreal?

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