Posted by: bwoof | March 1, 2010

Random new factoids

I’m here in Houston at IB training and it’s going really well…lots to learn and many experienced IB folks to learn from.

Of the many things to absorb, there are a few new tidbits of info that come to mind:

Ab initio – Latin for ‘from the start’ and it’s used in IB to describe language courses which are for people who have no prior experience in that language. For example, if I wanted to fulfill my IB second language requirements by taking Mandarin, it would definitely be ab initio since I would have to start at the beginning.

Diplomate – the term used to describe an IB student who actually earns the diploma, a set of six courses, at least three of which must be High Level (HL) and the rest Standard Level (SL).

Annual Tuition and Room/Board at Rice University – $48 000+ (yes, that is the correct number of zeros!)

IB Hexagon – this is the graphic that more or less describes what an IB student learns in order to be well-rounded and competent in a wide range of studies.  I”m a big fan of a liberal arts education, and this model is looking good.

Grateful for:

  • an opportunity to learn new things and have time away from the busyness of school to do so
  • the thrill of seeing Canada win hockey gold and also do so well in the Olympics

Curious about:

  • the differences between Canadian and American perspectives on education, politics, and health care…our conversations today have been quite diverse!
  • how close Houston is to the Gulf and how close the water table is to the surface here…people don’t have basements and car parks are above ground, not below

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