Posted by: bwoof | February 27, 2010


It’s been a long day but I can now add Houston, Rice University,  lost luggage, Minutemaid Park (baseball and Astros), Toyota Center (basketball and Rockets), de-icing,  and travel woes to the list of new learnings.

These iPhone snapshots show just some of the aforementioned sights and I took the stadium pics in honour of Jonny who is ‘collecting’ professional sports venues.

And f you don’t know what the fuzzy-looking green stuff is, well, that’s what you get to see when your plane is delayed (did I say DELAYED????) and just when you want to leave the snow starts flying and you detour over to de-icing where they spray your aircraft with bright orange stuff, and then bright greeen stuff. The pilot gets on the intercom to say that we won’t be leaving until he walks back, looks out the window, and inspects the de-icing, but then he never does come back and we take off anyway. 

Maybe he knew my connecting flight in Denver would be waiting just for moi (yes, I can add sprinting through the terminal as another learning)…and then maybe he knew that I’d want to have a good chance to get my luggage lost.

No problem…I had already figured out that having a bad hair day tomorrow with no toiletries or clean clothes in a city where no one knows me isn’t the worst that could happen.

Grateful for:

  • Laura and Ryan coming to Ontario soon!!!
  • Krista and Luke getting to experience Vancouver during the Olympics
  • Jonny having a great Oregon camping trip with the guys
  • Grandma going to the gala with Shannon and having a new sparkly outfit to wear
  • Canada’s gold medals!
  • Jamie taking over the duty board. YEA!!!!!!!

Curious about:

  • the big game tomorrow, Canada vs US
  • IB training
  • the Rice University tag line “unconventional wisdom”

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