Posted by: bwoof | February 26, 2010

Teaching with poverty in mind

We’ve been reading a book at school (previously mentioned in another post) and it’s rightfully causing a stir.

First, the bias is American.

Second, the bent is ‘American Dream’ and the a priori assumption is that all persons want the middle class or upper life and should, therefore, want to get out of poverty in order to that dream.

Third, education is the pathway to the dream.

I appreciate the title of the book, Teaching with Poverty in Mind because it helps me remember that many of our students have poverty as a reality, a reality that ‘might’ be shaping their days or their perspective, or their values. Note, the operative word here is ‘might’.

But, a couple of bright thinking people noted, and rightly so, that we ought to be cautious about assuming anything, even about poverty.  Many of us educators got to this place with considerable privileges, not that we earned them but we were born into them.  That should be a humbling fact, and something to steward well.

More to come….when I finish packing for IB training.


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