Posted by: bwoof | February 23, 2010

Olympic torch

Tonight (now last night since this post is happening after midnight) our school board trustees honoured several staff and students for various ‘excellent’ things that they have done in the community.

My school had three honoured people, one a girls soccer coach who not only does incredible work at school but who also coaches an elite girls championship soccer team. And then two students were celebrated for their excellence as cricket players on a championship team. If you’ve never seen cricket up close, you must come to my school in the spring and see a game in real time. Amazing!

One of tonight’s highlights was the acknowledgement of several school board staff and students who participated in the recent Olympic torch run when it came through Hamilton.

One torchbearer actually brought her torch and wore her outfit so we could see it up close.

I learned several things that, well, I just never thought of before.

  • the torch is reasonably hefty and you need to be a bit strong to carry it
  • it gives off a black soot and the owner of the torch says she’s still getting black on anything it touches
  • the flame is governed by a dime-sized air vent shaped like a maple leaf. When the runners carried the torch they were told to keep the maple leaf close to their heart and then if they needed to get a bit more air to the intake hole in order to stoke up the flame a bit, they could tilt the heart away from their body and let the flame burn a bit brighter
  • each runner gets to keep his or her own torch and it comes in a special carrying case
  • there is something special and uniting about touching the torch…as if you’re part of all of Canada. Strange but true

Grateful for:

  • time out to celebrate good things that people do
  • snow, for a change! Soft, powdery, deep, and beautiful
  • a teen who received new eyeglasses today and his teacher who so graciously helped make it all happen

Curious about:

  • how to get everything done on a busy day
  • why is weed so popular?

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