Posted by: bwoof | February 21, 2010

Olympic factoids

Those of us in Canada are reveling in the fun and festivities of hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Many of us are glued to our TVs as we watch event after event. I’ve learned the randomest pieces of info. In no particular order, here is a sampling:

  • Skeleton is not a series of body bones but rather a head-first version of the Luge
  • 2-man bobsleigh means that there’s a pilot and a brakeman…and it’s really dangerous as this upside-down-out-of-control picture of a Canadian team depicts
  • Snowboard cross is a wild zany event in which racers, 4+ at a time, careen down the hill in reckless abandon
  • alpine skiing is won (or lost) in 10ths of a second
  • speed skating features totally different skates depending on whether you’re doing long-track or short-track racing
  • the theme for this years pairs skating is folk dance…hence the ‘interesting’ costumes including one pair with cowboy boots!

Grateful for:

  • The Sorry series
  • triplets who are healthy and growing so well and a fun baby shower today

Curious about:

  • how to teach digital photography to a senior citizen who doesn’t really want to touch the camera…but who very much wanted one

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