Posted by: bwoof | February 20, 2010

Princesses and Tiaras

Some time ago I mused about what I had learned on that TLC show called Toddlers and Tiaras. Ugh! It’s the most vain thing, in my humble opinion, and quite possibly a huge contributor to the creation of dysfunctional teens who think that body image and external beauty doth a good girl make.


Today was the redemptive alternative and I never cease to be amazed to see how beautiful it is to accept people for who they are. That said, the Princess Tea today was SO fun…and so affirming for the 370 little and big princesses who came. Each little princess was reminded of her King and that she has been created special and unique and intrinsically beautiful.

We volunteer helpers, those of us who don’t have a princess in the ages 3-10 age bracket were busy all day, actually for days!  My job was to create plates of princess food and the chocolates from earlier in the week that Grandma helped me make were all part of the festivities.

Then I had to greet princesses and their ladies in waiting, and then had to serve tables. And then….the cleanup. But each moment was fun-filled and love-infused. Such a stark contrast to the demanding, whining, excessive, provocative, and insanely shallow toddlers and tiaras beauty pageants on that TV show. Oh….so so sad.

Grateful for:

  • Shelley who planned the whole event along with Janelle
  • Marion and all her awesome decorating ideas
  • Wendy and all her food ideas and for organizing us volunteers
  • Learning how to estimate food quanties for such a large party…and maybe be ready to take the lead next year
  • Learning how Marion acquires all the decor, including the birch trees…WOW
  • Shannon and the joy she brings…and her $12 princess gown, courtesy of Value Village
  • the tiara I brought home for Grandma
  • my own princess dress

Curious about:

  • the bob sleigh event and how Jonny and friends fared as they climbed the mountain to see this Olympic venue
  • Kristen and Sigi and their long journey ahead


  1. I only saw that show like once, but I heard it was pretty crazy lol

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