Posted by: bwoof | February 16, 2010

Well and TransParent

Today was a learning day, indeed. I met two people,  Joan and Will.

Joan (founder of TransParent) had a son who was once a daughter, and Will (with connections to The Well) was, as he explained, once a female and is now a male. I heard their stories, full of pain and suffering, usually inflicted by people who lacked tact, even wisdom.

And I wondered…the timing of Pastor Mike’s current series “Sorry” may be more timely than I’d expected.

Grateful for:

  • sensitive workshop leaders today
  • Canada’s GOLD medals!
  • a successful hip surgery and release to home for mom!
  • our kids and their friends who can all, more or less, experience Vancouver during the Olympics

Curious about:

  • positive spaces…do they work?
  • how Brad Martin will do in his snowboard event tomorrow

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