Posted by: bwoof | February 14, 2010

The power of one

Today I cleaned out old files in order to find a binder for Grandma so she can make a scrapbook. What she wants to keep as treasures will be an interesting revelation in days to come, or not. Dementia is a strange thing and what appears to be mission critical one day is totally forgotten the next day, if not the next minute.

But while purging papers, I came across a sticky note that reminded me of something I had once wanted to learn about but had subsequently forgotten. Uh oh…maybe dementia is contagious!

It’s called ‘the power of one’ and has to do with the net effect that just one person can have when that one person does just one thing purposefully and with intention to make a difference. For example, the CEO of a large organization with which I’m associated said that he (and then his wife got involved as well) decided to try and raise $500 dollars without actually ever writing a cheque. They would use that money to support special needs children and their families in Africa.

So…they started with eliminating their daily trip to Tim Hortons. If you’re Canadian you know what that means! The daily savings was, let’s say, in the neighbourhood of $3.   Monthly that works out to about $90, and in less than six months that would exceed the elusive $500.  But, things went much more quickly when they also decided to drastically reduce their intake of red meat. The weekly grocery bill went down, and that money became available en route to the goal.

I think it was only a couple of months before the $500 was there, ready to send to a good cause, and no cheque had to be written. And no caffeine induced sleepless nights were had, and the blood pressure and cholesteral went down as well. Win/Win/Win!

The Power of One! 

I’m musing….what can I do?

Grateful for:

  • Jackie and her energy and professional approach to the nursery work at church where so many kids get excellent care. I pinch-hit today in the toddler room and can’t say enough about how fun it was to watch 19 ❤ year olds play. They are each little bundles of miracles!
  • mom’s succesful hip surgery and the wonderful folks at Grand River Hospital
  • a wonderful lunch with family
  • 300+ homemade chocolates all made and looking pretty…ready for the Princess Tea on Saturday
  • Nancy and the wonderful way in which she keeps our Class of ’80 in touch, together, and friends just like we always were, even across 1000s of miles and around the world!

Curious about:

  • what to do about the ‘project’
  • what to say when dementia makes me lose patience and when I’m tempted to say unkind things

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