Posted by: bwoof | February 11, 2010

More re ketamine…

Today, in response to yesterday’s posting, a nurse provided more info about ketamine.

Surprise to me, but it is a drug that has some use in pediatric medicine. It can be given to children and youth who have to endure unpleasant procedures during which they stay awake, talk, even play games, and at the end don’t remember anything at all about the procedure itself.

I’m told that this is the very reason ketamine has street use as a date rape drug. The victim remembers nothing…nothing.

Grateful for:

  • wonderful parents and wonderful docs who will help with a painful hip
  • that split second of sober second thought that restrained an angry comment directed at a needy hurting person
  • leftovers

Curious about:

  • academic freedom and the current Canadian debate
  • the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics which start tomorrow, and did you know that it will be tape delayed, even in BC?
  • who will light the flame?

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